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While working,to provide business solutions, I combine my wide experience and technical knowledge with excellent oral and written communication skills.

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Technical Education 12+ Years Experience 500+ Students & 150+ Successful Projects Cooperative & Responsible Focused on In-depth Concepts & Details Artistic and Easy-Going Approach Projects

In addition, to provide outstanding web solutions
my top-notch web and software development services help you to attain a dominant and long-lasting presence for your business.


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brand new Website/Software

Breaking down a problem into steps is the best way to solve it. Step is important as a whole procedure. These steps make the work easier to understand and makes the results more accurate. Following steps are processed, to proceed towards your website/software:
  • 01- Discussion

    First of all, we will discuss about the previous condition of the Web/Software. And about the changes or making of it in future.
  • 02- Planning

    After the discussion we will proceed to planning. In this step, we will plan the strategies, design and much more
  • 03- Design

    After planning, we proceed to create the design. You can give instructions about your choice of design in 1st or 2nd step. You can also choose from our Pre-Built Designs.
  • 04- Development

    We write all of the code by ourselves. And it is error-free, safe code which will give your website a top notch quality look. Then we program, the website at back-end in languages like HTML, Java, C++, RHP, Python, Ruby, SQL etc.
  • 05- Final Touch

    After step 1 to step 4, Your project is polished by a final touch and ask for you to make some changes if you want. After that your website goes live.

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As a leading Offshore Software Development company's CEO, Client Satisfaction is my main concern for me, I am dedicated to serving you the best. No matter if you want a modern IT solution for your business, or want to learn to program, I will be always here to help you at our bests.

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Want to learn how to code ?

Move one step towards your goal by joining my one-to-one session. There are many recorded video systems on the internet, which are a bit old styled. I offer one-to-one learning sessions, meaning teaching one student at a time. I teach, the topics which you are weak. And you can select different modules from different topics.
Magical steps for your knowledge.

Formative Assessment

An assessment session of asking about your knowledge and goals.

Learning Guidelines

You will be suggested best topics required for your goals.

Module Selection

Select the modules in order to enhance your knowledge.

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Start your one-to-one learning and reach towards better you.